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Ignorant promoters still misguide consumers on store cards

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It’s the third year in a row that I’ve conducted a survey on store card rates and charges and I have to say that every time I finish it I feel deflated. I come up with (almost)...

Dental benefits: How they compare across medical schemes

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Some complaints on Hello Peter show the lack of understanding on what dental benefits are on offer by medical schemes. Moneybags journalist, Sean Binedell, investigates the different dental benefits available. It is important to c...

How the Wonderbag can help you save money

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Angelique Ruzicka talks to social activist and entrepreneur Sarah Collins about how her invention called the ‘Wonderbag’ has changed people’s lives and helped her in her endeavors in uplifting the poor socially and economically. A visit...

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Moneybags' Pick of the Week

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YuMe Sushi, Dim Sum and Noodle Bar

Monday - Selected sushi plates are R37. Tuesday - Three plates of sushi for the price of two....

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