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The purpose of this site is to save you money, wherever it’s being spent. We believe that with a bit of savvy, you can always pay less while still living well. It’s just about having the right knowledge to fight excessive costs and to win the battle for increased financial stability.
The Moneybags website is a collection of advice, guides, deals and savings on retail products and financial services within South Africa. We have a single aim in mind:
To empower the South African consumer to make informed and educated purchasing decisions.

At Moneybags, we believe that being smart with your money is the best way to effectively increase your monthly income. We hope to create a community of people who are serious about managing their money, and to source the best quality merchants and deals across a variety of channels.


•    To educate, inform and empower the South African consumer.
•    To source the best savings and loyalty programmes nationwide, providing the South African consumer with up-to-date and unbiased information.


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Our dedicated team of writers have researched a variety of tips & tricks to help you save, whether it be on groceries, entertainment or banking and finance. Our content is independently written – if we believe a product or service is poor quality, we are not afraid to say it. Whether you are looking to eat out, join a gym or find answers to your insurance policy queries, our guides are here to help you make the best possible financial and purchasing decisions.

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Every day we are bombarded with adverts promising us the world at a better price. But is the price really better? Most of us don’t really have the time or the energy to shop around. The truth is that many of our purchasing decisions are uninformed and uneducated. Our Sales and Deals section is our attempt at finding the best savings across the board. We do the research for you.
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We hope to create a community that protects the consumer and provides fair merchants with the publicity they deserve.

There are only so many of us here on the ground, scouting the best deals and researching the most effective money saving ideas. If you have tips, tricks and savings that have worked for you, please send us your story. If you know of a great deal, let us know, too.

Let’s collaborate and share information to protect ourselves from the hike in prices. Let’s take back control of our expenditure, and exercise our rights as consumers.

We aim to provide you with correct information and prices at all times.
We update our information regularly, and aim to display the most current sales and deals.
We would not knowingly display a sale or deal which has expired or changed. However, there are plenty of constantly changing deals out there. If you notice any incorrect information on our site, please mail us at editor@moneybags.co.za.
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We only list deals, savings and retailers who we believe provide a good offering to the public.
Although we will at all times aim to provide our users with the most accurate and up-to-date information, there may be issues with third party content as provided to us by our merchants. Although we may list the deals of a particular merchant, we are not liable for their individual terms and conditions, nor the conditions of their particular offering.

For as long as women have been having babies, they have been having cravings. From ice cream to chalk and cheese. Many a pregnancy story has begun with a pregnant woman with a feverish craving and her nervous husband anxiously seeking the latest object of her desire – such as a bottle of pickles in the middle of the night.

Seasons are changing and with it the increased chances of snotty noses and chest infections. But some people believe that with a tiny prick you could avoid a trip to the doctor this season. There are however many misconceptions around the flu and its vaccine. As in any medical case, seeking trusted sources and facts behind common assumptions and practices is especially important. Let’s see if you have all your flu-facts straight with these myths and truths.

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