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Apply for Debt Counselling

Moneybags has partnered with the leading debt counselling firms DebtBusters and Consumer Debt Help.

Why did we choose these debt counsellors?

  • At the 2014 Debt Review Awards, DebtBusters won the ‘Best Debt Counsellor’ award after being selected by an independent industry panel to win the prestigious accolade.
  • In the same awards Consumer Debt Help won the ‘Best Debt Counsellor as voted for by the public.

Not many people are aware of how debt counselling works so Moneybags has created a ‘What is debt counselling’ guide. There are many advantages to debt counselling such as being able to sort your finances out in order to become debt free out without being harassed by those who you owe money to.

There are also disadvantages with debt counselling, such as having to adhere to strict budgets, paying debt counselling fees and not being able to apply for any loans while you undergo the process. But if you stick with it you will get yourself out of debt. Read our guide to ensure you are well informed.

To apply for debt counselling, fill out Moneybags debt counselling application form to the right and you will be contacted by a consultant shortly.

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