20 Ways to make money in your spare time

Extra cash is always welcome for those of us who intend to travel or make a big purchase like a house or a car this year, or even for those who are constantly coming up short at the end of the month. Moneybags journalist Danielle van Wyk, explores ways in which you can earn extra money in your spare time.

1. Micro-jobbing

Become a part of one of South Africa’s newest online companies that offer a ‘demand service’ taking care of all the chores and odd tasks that people have no time to get around to. Register as a Task Monkey and receive requests from people needing anything from their lawns mowed to the buying of groceries, for a fee of course. The fee is relative to the task and all pertaining details are available on Task Monkey for your perusal.

2. House sitting

Register as a house sitter on any one of the many sites available, Sitters 4 U, being an example, and become a part of a network of sitters. Your name and information will be submitted by the website to those looking for a house sitter and from that list you will be chosen and contacted.

The sitting timeframes vary and according to Sitters 4 U, there is opportunity to make anywhere between R200 for night timer house sitting with no pets and R350 for 24 hour house sitting with pets. This could see you earning R 2450 in a week. Being paid and experiencing new surroundings can make this a fun option. And you know how the common saying goes ‘a change is as good as a holiday’, even a temporary one.

3. Become a Herbal Life distributor

If you have an outgoing personality and have been told that ‘you can sell ice to an Eskimo’, then this is a perfect opportunity for you. Register as an Herbal Independent Member distributor, complete a short training course, and enlist clients to buy nutritional products through you. The process requires of you to take orders, order the products online and deliver them to the customers. You also earn 25% commission on all the products bought, through you.

To learn more go to Herbal Life website.

4. Jumble sale

The key to earning extra cash is through identifying ordinary needs and opportunities and monetising them. So instead of giving away that blender you bought and have hardly used since, or throwing away the lawn mower that you’ve been meaning to get fixed but haven’t gotten around to yet, why not have a jumble sale. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted items while earning cash in the process.

5. Tutoring

If you have a particular skill and the knack and patience for teaching it, why not put it to good use by tutoring and earning in the process. There are an array of websites like teach me 2 available that put you in touch with people needing assistance in areas ranging from languages and musical instruments to school and university course subjects.

6. Recycle

Start up a recycling project in your area or among your friends and earn money while aiding the environment. For example: collect glass bottles and containers and return it to supermarkets or manufacturers at a fee. Websites like The Glass Recycling Company also offer a service where you can register and find a buyer for your glass goods.

7. Earn cash for old goods

Taking old appliances and furniture in to your local Cash Converters to have it valued could definitely be worth your while and could see the store buying the item from you at a negotiated price. Alternatively you could make use of sites like Gumtree to sell your goods. That way, you are rid of the item and you have added to your pocket.

8. Online marketing

Register with a trusted survey and marketing website, like Answered, User Testing or Mobrog, and receive an email each time a person from your demographic is required. Complete the survey and receive cash in return using Pay Pal. According to Mobrog, you have the opportunity to earn anywhere between R5 and R35 on average per survey.

9. Freelancing

Many creatives, like writers, designers or artists have taken to freelancing sites like Freelancer for odd jobs. Here the freelancer has the opportunity to bid for tasks that are posted on the site, and in turn have the ‘employer’ chose.

10. Hire out belongings

Rent out any items that could be of interest like your video camera, jumping castle even a camping tent at a competitive cost.

11. Babysitting

If you have experience with children why not register with websites like Sitters 4 U or GreatAupair.com, create and post your profile on the site and get ready to be contacted with babysitting opportunities near you.

12. Rent a space

If you have a room or living facilities in your home that you do not make use of and are open to leasing it out on a short term basis, advertise it on sites like Airbnb, name your price and earn. This allows travellers, students, etc to view your lodging and potentially lease.

Alternatively visit websites like Amazing spaces or EventRoom and hire out your home or space for events, lodging or even location photo shoots. Amazing spaces will also send someone to take pictures of your home for your online profile and their books, making online viewing for potential leasers easier.

13. Get creative

With the influx of food fair markets taking place in and around the city, hop onto a website like Cape Market.co.za and find a market near you. Get in touch with the organisers and start baking or making crafty items that you can sell. This is a fun and easy way to make money and indulge your creative side. This could even lead to a further business opportunity as you will be getting your product and name out there.

14. Cash back rewards cards

Sign up for rewards cards from any of your major and frequently used stores like Woolworths or Pick n Pay and earn while you spend. Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card system enables you to earn points each time you swipe when making a purchase. These accumulated points then later allow you to trade points for the purchase of goods, clothing and even utility bills paid for in store.

15. Rent out your parking space

Due to the lack of parking in inner city business hubs, home owners living in the area have started renting out their parking spaces during the day. It would be best to advertise your space at office blocks and stores in the surrounding area.

16. Sell your photos

If you’ve got an eye for a picturesque setting and take good pictures, or maybe you have a bunch of old images cluttering your drive, why not consider selling it to image banks like Shutterstock or PhotoSA.

17. Thrift stores

For many the throwing out or giving away of old clothes during the year is a regular occurrence as seasons, styles and one’s body changes. Instead of throwing away or giving away your clothes this year, why not try selling them to second hand thrift stores. Visit blogger websites or Google vintage stores in your surrounding area to get an idea of which items are sold and who to contact.

18. Assess your bank accounts

It is important to assess your banking accounts regularly, and whether or not they are still working for you, by making sure your savings are working and earning to its maximum potential. Check out our tips for choosing the correct savings account for you.

19. Walk dogs in the area

Do you love dogs and are in need of some extra cash? Why not take up dog walking? Advertise your services on sites like Gumtree and Facebook or advertise at local veterinary clinics, and walk your way to extra bucks.

20. Music gigs

If you have musical talent or vocal prowess, why not sign your act up on sites like Gumtree or StarNow and earn money through playing or singing at various special events.

Earning extra money needn’t be an inconvenience. The key lies in finding sustainable ways to do so that fit into your lifestyle.

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