A shopping app with a difference

A new shopping app is launching on Friday in Bedfordview, Johannesburg and will expand nationally over the next six months. MiBRAND has been in development for six months and is a tool for both retailers and consumers.

The app is not an online shopping portal. Instead, retailers can list themselves on the app and consumers can see which stores are in their immediate vicinity. Consumers will also have access to exclusive deals. MiBRAND was founded and is managed by Salvatore Barras and Kyriakos Ioulianou.

Barras explained where the idea for MiBRAND came from. “Kyri and I got tired of not having an efficient connection to the stores in our community. To make calls, get directions, or place orders would be a big hassle having to Google and find the stores. After my best friend passed away a chain of events was set into motion which led us to the idea.”

“The idea is based on the concept of creating both a colossal advertising space and tool that acts as a reciprocal connection between consumer and the business. The idea has evolved throughout development to get to its current state and continues to grow with the input of our businesses,” MiBRAND added.

The app works by listing all the business in an area, as its primary function is a directory. The stores then pay a monthly subscription to make posts on the app. These posts can be about specials they are running, or even an exclusive offer for MiBRAND users.

For more information on the MiBRAND, click here.