Beginners guide to training for a triathlon

Triathlons are one of the most grueling sporting events that ultimately tests your physical and mental endurance threshold. To swim, bike and run can be quite a challenge on their own but doing them all together can really test your stamina and fitness.But it does not mean that only super-athletic people can take in this multi-stage competition. N2 Fitness gives a breakdown on how beginners can start training for a triathlon.

 As a beginner you will start of with a sprint distance and not the full (Olympic) distance:

Sprint distance: 250m-800m swim, 20K bike, and a 5K run

Olympic distance: 1500m swim, 40K bike, and a 10K run


A few guidelines to starting off:

Decide on the race you interested in: Either Olympic triathlon, Ironman triathlon, Half Ironman or Sprints.

Essential gear: You will need some basic equipment  (bike, swim suit, goggles, running shoes, cycling shorts and a water bottle)

Time: Make sure to you give yourself enough time to prepare for the distance.

Have your swim, bike and run analyzed: Invest the time and money in getting your swim analyzed due to the highly technical nature of swimming (swimming is more about form than fitness).

Bike: You can buy or borrow a bike. Make sure the bike is the right size for you and that it is in a good working order.

Training: Each week you should swim, bike and run. Do each activity twice a week taking one day off to rest.

Nutrition: Make sure your nutrition supports your goal/race. Stay hydrated and get enough energy (carbs) to fuel your workouts.


An example of a beginner sprint training program:

Give yourself 12 weeks to prepare.

For your first week, five hours of training is good to start off with.

Your maximum hours of training will be 10 hours per week.

You can do 8 to 10 workouts per week.

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