Best budget winter fashion buys for 2013

We speak to several fashion experts and ask them what their top most economical must have fashion buys are for winter 2013. We reveal what you should invest in and what can you buy on the cheap while still looking fashionable.

Choose quality over quantity to save

Local fashion designer, Anmari Honiball, says people often purchase a lot of knitwear that gets worn-out easily in the wash. Stick to a few basic quality wool and cotton blends. You may pay just a bit more than if you bought clothes made of other fabrics but you get a lot more wear out of your clothes.

Fashion stylist,Toni Jordan, says this winter all women need a long-sleeved thermal vest, to keep warm while fashionably displaying long-sleeved T-shirts/shirts and tops,without feeling the cold. She adds that a thermal vest can be purchased at any Woolworth store for under R100.

 Soldier on

This season it’s all about the military jackets for men and women. Honiball says military jackets are versatile to wear with most styles and can be found in trendy olive, black and navy colours. A leather jacket is also a good buy for guys and girls who want to fit in with the goth trend, which is making a comeback this season. Not only does a leather jacket last long, it can also be worn in other seasons besides winter.

Jordan agrees that a leather jacket is definitely a must have, great for winter.

“I love that designs nowadays are a bit more fashion-forward, so a signature leather jacket could dress up any casual look. A definite investment,” says Jordan.

Local fashion designer, Jacqui Emmanuel adds that nothing says trendy winter better than a red warm coat as it dresses up any outfit.
“Trench coats are big especially the dress trench  which you can dress  up with printed leggings and metal tipped shoes,” says Emmanuel.

Be a beanie baby

If you want to be wearing a beanie is all the rage at the moment. This chic head gear can be found in an array of colours that can be worn for a lunch date as well as a night out on the town.

“Beanies are not expensive and you can go wild with the different colours available. You can get them at affordable prices at stores like Mr Price, Ackermans and most Chinese stores,” says Honiball.

Be sneaky

Sneakers are making a comeback this winter with trendy name brands putting their stamps to takkies designed to make a fashion statement. According to Honiball you don’t have to fork out a fortune to afford this trend. You can get the no-name brands that are styled in a similar way to the expensive ones at most popular stores.

Keep your neck warm

Fabric scarves are a great fashion accessory that is also a must-have in your wardrobe. Honiball says that unlike knitted scarves, fabric ones have more longevity and can also be worn in other seasons besides winter.

Put your best leg forward

Emmanuel suggests you invest in a pair of dark jeans. Skinny leg jeans have been and will be the new classic fit for the next few seasons.

Skinny tights are also a versatile budget-friendly look that goes well with most trendy tops and dresses. Honiball suggests you stick to ankle-length instead of calve-length tights this season.

Give costly footwear the boot

This season flat boots are taking over the streets and the goth-style is making a comeback. Honiball suggests that a good buy would be a pair of leather boots as they easily take on the shape of your foot and last a lot longer. Ankle boots worn with chunky socks is also a trendy look for a night out this season. Emmanuel suggests a pair of metal-tipped boots with a chunky heel. “Your best investment is a pair of androgynous flats, either leather or patent lace up boots, it goes with everything,” she adds. fashion forecaster, Zakirah Rabaney, says that investing in genuine leather footwear is imperative for both men and women,and winter 2013 is a prime opportunity to do so. “At women and men can find genuine leather shoes at great prices and in many styles, from high heels to lace-ups. Leather-looking products are also on offer, but that’s only if you don’t mind synthetic versions of this trending fabric,” says Rabaney.

Keep him warm for less

For men who don’t want to invest in fancy jackets, cardigans are also a great buy that can make you look dressed-up without looking over-dressed. “Cardigans are nice and medium weight for winter and the soft wool blend material is a good buy in the long run,” says Honiball.

The Moneybags verdict:

  1. Stick to wool and cotton this winter to get the longest wear out of your clothes.
  2. Scarves and beanies are great for keeping warm and a fashionable accessory for this season.
  3. Leather jackets and boots are also a great buy that will last you longer than other material.


By Nicolette Dirk