Canal Walk’s Eat Out Thursday is back

Canal Walk’s Eat Out Thursday is back again, join them every Thursday and indulge in their restaurant specials, coffee shops and take-away outlets.

From coffee and cake to seafood, pizza, steak, pasta and even a healthier wrap and smoothie option, Canal Walk has something for you. View the participating outlets and their offerings below:

Anat Falafel & Shwarma: Buy any beef, lamb or chicken shwarma and receive a complimentary can of Coca-Cola.

(021) 552 9571

Calamari King: Get your hands on two calamari burgers for R39.90

(021) 555 4678

Cape Town Fish Market: Buy one of seven sushi platters on discount, all day Thursday. Prices range from R89 to R189. Save up to R110.
(021) 555 1950

Col’cacchio Pizzeria: A free coffee with each breakfast pizza; and free Italian kisses (ice cream wrapped in chocolate) with the purchase of a pizza (valued at more than R80).
(021) 551 1658

Debonairs: Purchase any standard pizza excluding a Margherita and receive a 500ml Coke for free.
(021) 555 0092

Europa: Order any two main courses and get a free Focaccia (Choice of either Garlic & Herb or Olive & Rosemary).
(021) 555 1692

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns:

Tuesdays and Thursdays only, enjoy Tasty Twin deals.
Crazy Prawn Combo Deal: six Jimmy’s Prawns, grilled in a sauce of your choice along with tender grilled or deep fried calamari, served with chips, rice and creamy hot veg.
Two platters for R160; or a Mixed Grill Platter: flame-grilled rump steak, chicken fillet and sausage with an egg, chips, and Jimmy’s style onion rings, two platters for R160.

You can also enjoy the Bottomless Buffer for R125 per person. This includes salads, a variety of main dishes and desserts.
(021) 552 5000

Kauai: Princess Wrap and small Strawberry Stinger for R75.
(021) 552 7277

La Rocca: Order any flame grilled steak and receive a 28cm Margherita pizza free.
(021) 555 0909

Limnos Baker: Enjoy a slice of cake and cup of coffee special for R38.50.
(021) 555 4681

Mexico Spur: Buy any two steaks and receive one for free.
Buy any two Spur sauces for R21.90 and receive another one for free.
Enjoy an extra cold Castle Lite for R16.00.
(021) 551 8683

Mugg & Bean: Order an All American Breakfast for R79.90 and receive a complimentary Easy Cappuccino.
Order a Big Daddy Burger for R96.90 and receive a complimentary tall milkshake.
(021) 551 4889

Ocean Basket: Enjoy The Mediterranean platter for two, accompanied by a complimentary beverage.
(021) 555 2331

Panarottis: Thursdays eat as much pizza as you like for only R74.90.
(021) 555 1724

Peacock Tea & Coffee: Buy any slice of cake and receive a free coffee.
(021) 555 3613

Steers: Buy a rib burger and receive a free cone for R31.90.
(021) 552 3067

Tashas: Buy the beef ravioli dish available only on Thursdays. It consists of; beef pasta pockets served in sage butter, sundried tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds, topped with parmesan shavings.

You can also enjoy Tasha’s classic cocktail which is only available on Thursdays, a mimosa with a twist (invented in Paris at the Ritz in the 1920s). For added flavour and a lot more punch, it includes vodka & Cointreau.
(021) 555 2997

Wimpy: Buy one cup of coffee and get one free.
Ask your waiter for the special of the day.
(021) 555 1348

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