Comparing courier costs

The cost of having parcels delivered across country is usually only something you have to grapple with and compare when you are wanting to do so. To help you along, Moneybags writer Danielle Van Wyk looks at comparing courier costs in making sure you save

To make this a fair comparison, Moneybags chose to compare the cost of delivering a pair of size 6 Nike sneakers still in the box, weighing 1.4 kg’s, with the box dimensions of 335x205x110mm, from Cape Town City Centre to Port Elizabeth, Summerstrand

The fees from 4 courier companies, for a two to three day delivery time frame, came in as follows:

Courier company Price
PostNet R99
FedEx R216,32
FastWay R128,25
The Courier Guy R110


*The above quotes were correct as of the 1/08/2017.

Based on the above information PostNet appears to be the cheaper option, while The Courier Guy comes in as a close second.

It is vital however to note that the different couriers have different costing structures in place. While they typically all require the destination, dimensions, weight and timeframe, they may calculate the costing differently. One example of this, is the Postnet costing structure which is R99 for parcels that are 5 kg’s or less, and any kg after is R11.

Certain couriers may also not cater for picking up parcels at your given address should it come in under a certain weight.

Couriers also boast different added benefits. These include the ability to track your parcel or documents and be privy to an SMS once it arrives. Another vital benefit is liability insurance or cover which most couriers offer, some at an added fee. This may simply seem like a ‘nice-to-have’ benefit, but in the event of something going wrong, it can save you money.

It is always a good idea to shop around to make sure you are choosing the best option. It is important to note that many courier sites offer online quote facilities, thus making the process easier for you.