How to be a good Uber passenger

By now, you’ve probably made use of the internet ride-sharing service app, Uber, which means that you’ve most likely already rated your driver by making using of their five-star rating system, but what you may not be aware of is that Uber driver-partners have been rating you as well.

Internet ride-sharing service says: “The feedback system allows both parties to provide feedback in order to keep standards up and address any issues along the way.”

So, if riders want to check their rating, all they have to do is the following:

  • Open your Uber app on your mobile device
  • Press on the ‘Help’ menu option
  • Press on the ‘Account and Payment’ menu option
  • Then choose ‘Account Settings and Ratings’
  • After that, select ‘I’d like to know my rating’
  • A screen will then pop up that will give the option to check your rating by pressing the ‘Submit’ button.

Tips for riders

A trip with Uber should be a pleasant experience for everyone, hence the ability for drivers to rate riders. Here are a few simple tips to stay on your Uber driver’s good side:

Manually drop your pin/pick up request

From the moment the ride is requested, the rider is able to track their vehicle on route to being fetched. When making use of the GPS feature, riders are urged to enter the exact pick up address instead of just clicking the GPS location button, as this can cause a lot confusion and waste time.

Uber advises, “If you don’t know your exact pickup address, double check the pin on the blue dot by pressing the little bullseye button located on the bottom right corner of your screen.”

Time is money

Just like riders expect their driver to be on time, drivers should be afforded the same courtesy. Riders should meet their driver at their pick up location in a timely manner.

Uber advises that if riders are running a few minutes late, they can let their driving know by calling or texting them using Uber’s in-app feature.

Also try and avoid letting your driver wait in an area where there is ongoing traffic or in area where they might block traffic.

Say your name

Uber riders are urged to check that the driver’s name, photo, vehicle type and license number plate coincides with the information provided on the app, but it’s also very important for Uber rider’s to confirm their name with their driver, so that they can confirm who the rider is.

Respect capacity limit

Most Uber drivers can only fit four riders into a vehicle. If your number of passengers exceeds capacity limit, Uber advises upgrading to their UberXL or UberSUV options which can fit up to six riders. If you are really in doubt about how many people can fit, use your logic; the number of seatbelts in car equals the number of riders.

Wear you seat-belt

There is no special law that exempts anyone from wearing their seat-belt when driving with Uber, so please do the responsible thing and wear your seat belt at all times.

Don’t break the laws and rules

Uber further advises passengers not to rush their drivers.

“Even if you needed to be at your location, like, yesterday, please don’t encourage your driver to break traffic laws like illegal U-turns. They’re there for everyone’s safety,” adds Uber.

Treat with care

Finally, please ensure that you treat your driver (and their car) with care.

Uber pleads: “Whether it’s being careful when closing the car door to leaving the greasy pizza or open container out of the car, being respectful of their car as their own personal property will make everyone happy.”

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