R2 Flight deal by FlySafair causes buyer frenzy

Brexit (British Exit) may be the thing to watch today, but locally consumers are abuzz with excitement at the new FlySafair deal which, if you can bag it, will see you buying a flight for just R2, including airport tax. Angelique Ruzicka investigates.

This morning FlySafair announced that it is selling ‘a minimum number of 15,000 individual flight sectors’ for R2 through its website from 9am and that customers have until 23h59pm today (23 June 2016) to take advantage of it. Flights are available for travel up to 30 September 2016. The promotion is only available on new bookings. Flights are subject to availability and sales are on a first-come first-serve basis.

The FlySafair R2 promotional fares are only available for booking through FlySafair’s website. No bookings can be made via the FlySafair call centre, head office or ticket sales offices at the various airports.

The promotion is not applicable to group bookings and no more than 10 passengers per booking will be allowed.

How can I get in and book?
At the time of writing, I tried to book a flight but was presented with a screen that told me I was in a queue with no further information. Meanwhile, another Moneybags staffer was presented with another screen, which told her that she was number 11,033 in line. After 15 minutes, she was number 4,598 in the queue. Clearly, patience is key!

According to the terms and conditions on FlySafair’s website, the R2 fare includes airport taxes and 7kg of free carry-on luggage subject to the airline’s size restrictions. All extras including, but not limited to, checked in luggage, SMS notifications, car rental, pre-selected seating, insurance, priority boarding and upgrades to tickets that can be cancelled are excluded.

FlySafiar warns: “Demand on our website will be high during the sale period and your patience is appreciated.” You’d be wise to heed this warning – the last time FlySafair offered a similar deal (flights for just R1) there were lots of customers who couldn’t get online as the airline’s website struggled with the volume of traffic.

Moneybags’ tips on how to take advantage of the FlySafair deal

1. Be patient. There are thousands of interested flyers in this deal but some may get irritated and give up. If you persevere you may just make it. FlySafair warns: “To protect the integrity of our website we have created a virtual waiting room where customers may need to queue to gain access to the site. There is no mechanism to gain preferential placement in the queue. If a user loses their place in the queue for some reason, they will have to join again from the back of the queue. Your patience is appreciated.”
2. When you get to the waiting room do not refresh the page as you might lose your place in the queue.
3. Try not to use your cell phone because if the screen locks you will get redirected to the back of the queue. It may help to change your Screen Lock Settings
4. There is no promo code required to take advantage of the FlySafair R2 sale.
5. Search the routes and dates that suit you from the homepage once it loads. You can leave the promo code box empty as it is not required.
6. According to FlySafair, R2 fares are displayed in the column to the right of the ordinary fares. If there are no fares listed that means that those R2 fares have sold out on those flights and only the normal fares are still available.
7. Keep your credit card handy because the airline says only credit card and secure instant deposit (SID) payments will be accepted during the promotion period.
8. Be sure of your flight times – no refunds will be issued in respect of the promotion and any flight modifications will be subject to our standard penalties.


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