Skiing and music in Lesotho: Afriski Winter Music Fest

Music, snow, skiing and snowboarding – what more could you possibly want from your winter escape? Angelique Ruzicka finds it is possible to do such winter sports in Africa and it’s at a location that is closer than you realise.

If you miss the ability to hop on a plane from London to a ski resort in Europe in the winter months (like I do) then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to ski or snowboard at the Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho if you live there or relatively close by like in neighbouring South Africa.

If you enjoy your music you may also want to time your stay so that you attend Afriski’s Winter Fest, which will be held from 27-30 August.  The music festival will feature well known South African bands and DJs, including Black Sparrow, Iscream & The Chocolate Stix and The Kiffness (DJ Set), with Cape Town trio Chris Taylor, Jak Skandi and Viktoria. Rising Johannesburg bands The Motherland and The Sextons will also be performing.

The festival starts on a Thursday night and the Friday night will have some entertainment too, but to make the most of the experience, you’d want to attend the main day (Saturday 29th August) where all bands and DJ’s will be performing during the day and night.

Snowboarding and skiing will be available every day for beginners, intermediates and experts. Other fun activities to try include ‘bumboarding’, tubing, paintball and you can also take part in Saturday’s “pond skimming” competition.

Packages start from R3500 per person (see table below). All packages include accommodation, food and beverage card and a pass to attend the festival over the weekend. Optional extras include ski gear rental, snow pass and ski lessons.

How to get there:

You can either fly or drive. The nearest airports include:
Moshoeshoe I Intl MSU (MaseruLesotho), distance: 102.79km
Pietermaritzburg (PietermaritzburgSouth Africa), distance: 230.52km
Johannesburg Intl JNB (JohannesburgSouth Africa) distance: 292.16km

Durban Intl DUR (DurbanSouth Africa) distance: 293.97km


Packages start from R3,500 per person,  including accommodation, R2,000 food and beverage card and weekend Music Festival Pass. Optional extras include ski gear rental, snow pass and ski lessons.

skiing table

To book, call 0861 237 4754 or email

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