South Africans cautioned against abusing dagga ruling

The echoes of Rastafarians and weed-smokers were heard throughout Cape Town today as the Western Cape High Court, under Judge Dennis Davis, ruled the private use of dagga legal.

“The Western Cape High Court made the landmark ruling, declaring that it is an infringement of constitutional rights to ban the use of dagga by adults in private homes,” reported News24.

This ruling has made allowance for the possession, cultivation and general use of dagga in private homes.

“This has been in the making. Today marks a day that we have fought for long and hard for,” stated recovering cancer patient, dagga user and owner of Hemp-e life products, Nicki Nix.

This ruling will also see Parliament having to make changes to sections of the Drug Trafficking Act as well as the Medicines Control Act within the next 24 months.

Dagga though a controversial product has been proven to have medicinal qualities in the treatment of diseases such as cancer.

However, Nix cautioned users against carelessly cultivating or purchasing their own product, as this ruling will take months to be written in to legislation.

It cannot be ignored that many are of the opinion that this ruling is a slippery slope, and could see an increase in drug trafficking, especially amongst the youth. Nix further added that it was up to parents to keep a keen eye out for any dangerous activity and ultimately educate themselves on the product.

Moneybags chatted to Nix outside the Western Cape High court:


In 2015 Moneybags investigated the call for the legalisation of Cannabis for medical use, click here.


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