Your job and your physical health

How many hours a day do we spend at work being seated at a desk? Without knowing it, we can sit at our work stations for hours at a time without noticing the debilitating effects it has on our body.

N2 Fitness experts, Heinrich Smith and Emile Solomons say that slouching or keeping your head tilted while looking at your computer screen, could have long-term negative effects on your muscles. Symptoms of this type of  bad posture at work can lead to muscular spams, headaches and muscular imbalances.

What type of job puts your health at risk?

Smith says that even people who have jobs that involve physical activity, can be at risk for these symptoms.

“If you are physically active at work, you need to assess whether the action is repetitive as this would also negatively impact your muscles. For example, constantly rotating to one side for hours at a time could create a muscular imbalance or spasm on the other side of your torso,” says Smith.

Solomons adds that work is the one thing we spend most of the day doing and it accumulates to quite a significant number of working hours over a period of years.

“This is why we should pay attention to the well-being of our bodies while at work and doing it in an efficient manner to avoid negatively impacting your physical health negatively,” says Solomons.

N2’s tips:

– When sitting at your desk, sit upright and avoid slouching.

– Keep your back straight and breathe through your mid-section.

– Follow a daily stretching routine in the morning and evening.

– Do a two minute basic stretch routine for every hour you are at the desk.

– Make sure your PC is positioned straight in front of you.