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Eating out regularly can burn a hole in your pocket. Here's how to cut your bill at any restaurant.

From the latest covers to the variety of flavours; vaping appears to be hottest new trend for smokers. Now, although the industry claims that this a safe alternative to cigarettes, how much do we know about the health effects of vaping? Alina Hardcastle further explores this exceedingly controversial issue.

On Tuesdays, Cape Town Fish Market offers 50% off classic sushi and 25% off sushi platters.

Despite the numerous security concerns, it appears that ride-sharing app Uber is not only bouncing back with the latest safety features but is expanding its service with an easy and convenient food delivery app, UberEATS, giving competitors, like Mr Delivery, a run for their money.

On Wednesday, Cape Town Fish Market offers a special oontheir Granger Bay Platter for R199 (actual price is R275) and their Fishoek platter for R99 (actual price is R142).

Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood looks at the health education young girls receive and the issue of teenage pregnancy in South Africa. Are young girls taught enough about their body, pregnancy and other health related issues at a young enough age?

Vodacom has launched Facebook Flex, which will allow Vodacom customers free access to Facebook. It is the “first of many products to launch under the Vodacom Siyakha platform.”

While not condoning excessive drinking, Moneybags’ Jessica Wood looks at five hangover cures you can try if you over indulge over the festive season