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Conde Nast Independent Magazines

About Us

Home to some of South Africa’s celebrated magazines, Condé Nast Independent Magazines is committed to journalistic integrity, influential reporting and superior design. Each of our magazines feature locally renowned editors, writers and photographers.

Founded in 1997, passion is the core of our philosophy. Our mission is not only to inform readers but to ignite and nourish their passion for myriad aspects of life.

Every month we attract hundreds of thousands dedicated and highly focused readers. They come to our titles knowing they will be engaged by some of the leading minds of our time: editors, writers and contributors who share their passions.

Condé Nast Independent Magazines publishes:

Condé Nast House & Garden; GQ, GLAMOUR, GLAMOUR Hair; GQ Style magazines and Conde Nast House & Garden Gourmet magazines.


Contact Details

Phone: 0860 100 203
Web: Visit Site


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