Ginko Spa

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Our Group of Ginkgo Spas takes an uncompromising approach to your health, wellbeing and beauty. This goes beyond the appearance to treat, touch and scent every part of you.  All therapies offered in our Spas have been carefully chosen to create the perfect environment in combating stress, pollution and discomforts caused by everyday urban life.  With its commitment to holistic health only superior skin and body care products from reputable product houses are used. The dedicated and professional staff at Ginkgo assists and advises each client on the variety of personalised facial and body treatments on offer. Relax, revive and “recapture the forgotten sense of well-being”© with our award-winning Spas.


Contact Details

Associated Spas
The Leopard
Beach Resort and Spa
P.O. Box 34
Ukunda, Diani Beach Road
South Coast, Kenya

The Ginkgo Spa at L’ermitage
L’ermitage Chateau & Villas
Lambrechts Road
Franschoek, Cape Town 7690

The Ginkgo Spa at The Mansions
The Winchester Mansions Hotel
221 Beach Road
Sea Point, Cape Town 8005

The Arniston Ginkgo Spa
Arniston Spa Hotel,
Arniston Bay,
Southern Cape
P.O. Box 126, Bredasdorp 7280

Phone: 021 948 2310
Web: Visit Site


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