Primi Piatti

About Us

Located around Southern Africa, Primi offers Italian food at an affordable price in a family friendly atmosphere.

Average meal price:

Starter – R40 to R60

Pasta – R60 to R80

Pizza – R70 to R100

Cheapest meal:

Spiced grilled chicken wrap – R45

Most expensive:

Seared salmon steak – R155



Loyalty Program:

Platinum Member

If you spend more than R6000 within four months, you are graded as a Platinum member and your account is credited with 6.5% of your spend in that period. Total reward 10%.

Gold Member

If you spend between R4000 and R6000 within four months, you are graded as a Gold member and your account is credited with 3.5% of your spend in that period. Total reward 7%.

Silver Member

If you spend between R2000 and R4000 within four months, you are graded as a Silver member and your account is credited with 1.5% of your spend in that period. Total reward 5%.

Orange Member

If you spend up to R2000 within 4 months, you are graded as an Orange member and you will receive 3.5% back of your spend put on your loyalty card, but no extra credit.


Contact Details

Phone: 021 534 1550
Web: Visit Site


Primi Piatti has no active deals.

Pop down to your local KFC and score on a crunch burger, 1 piece chicken, chips and a cooldrink for only R49.90.

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