Coolsculpting special

The Cosmetic Dermatology Centre are currently running a special on coolsculpting.

What is coolsculpting? 

This is innovative and non invasive procedure that eliminates soft fat in specific areas of the body.

What does the special entail? 

Customers can pay for three specific areas that they wish to target and will get the fourth area done for free.

Duration of special 

This special is valid until the end of October 2016

For more information, click here.


Ends: 31 October 2016

Phone: 021 552 7220

  • Valid until the end of October 2016.
  • Complimentary area will be the smallest area.
  • Subject to treatment availability.
  • Treatments should be paid for in full and redeemed within six weeks.
  • This special is not negotiable or transferable.
  • If the patient does not wish to do complimentary session.
  • Contra-indications: Raynaud’s disease, pregnancy, implanted medical device, recent surgery in treatment area, umbilical or inguinal hernia, cold sensitives, hepatitis C


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