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Not ready to start university, but still want to learn? Contiki offer five tips on how you can educate yourself, while enjoying yourself, before starting on your formal tertiary education.

Today, 27 February 2017, South Africans are celebrating National Milk Tart Day. Milk tart or melktert (the Afrikaans meaning of milk tart) is a traditional classic South African dessert consisting of a sweet pastry crust base, filled with creamy custard of milk, flour, sugar and eggs. It’s usually baked in a round pie tin and is dusted with cinnamon after baking. According to Cook’s info, this dish seems to have come straight from Dutch Medieval cooking, via the Dutch settlers in the Cape in the 1600s.

We take a look at the 16 days of activism against abuse of women and girls and specifically at the classification of abuse.

Buy a dozen donuts for R135 and get four 8oz Original Blend Coffees free; or get half a dozen for R75 with two 8oz coffees free.

According to the Medical Research Council, car passenger deaths are the fourth leading cause of unnatural fatality in children in South Africa. Alina Hardcastle chats to experts about how to ensure your child’s safety on the road and what parents should consider when purchasing a child car seat.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but fad diets are so out of season, and “lifestyle change” is the new hot phrase that’s trending globally. Alina Hardcastle explores how to be both healthy and economical.

Consider yourself a foodie? Get ready to tantalise your taste buds as South Africa’s finest restaurants will be partaking in Restaurant Week from today 20th October till the 30 October 2016. These restaurants will be charging R150 for a two course lunch and R250 for a three course dinner. Restaurants with a star will charge an extra R50 per star.

Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood speaks to Melissa Botha, whose son Aidan Freeman has Costello Syndrome, about caring for a special needs child.