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The Durbanville Hills Restaurant is offering a two course winter dinner for R175 per person on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm onwards.

Do you bank with FNB? Are you making use of their eBucks Rewards programme? And more importantly, do you know how to maximise your eBucks earnings?

There tends to be a misconception that if you’re a celebrity with tons of money, you tend to spend your earnings recklessly. While there are countless of examples of celebrities who have spent outrageously, some have exercised caution and frugality when dealing with money. Alina Hardcastle chats to South African celebrities about how to save and spend your finances wisely.

Nutritional expert Patrick Holford highlights that most cancers are the result of changes we have made to our chemical environment. In other words, what we eat, drink and breathe have an impact.

Kloof Street House's brand new winter lunch special is here. Enjoy two courses for the price of R160 or three courses for R195.

Try out Burger King's new Boerewors burger for only R34.90. T&C'S apply.

McDonald's is offering a spicy Boerie single burger meal; or a peri chicken single burger meal for only R22.90.

According to the South African Constitution, everyone has a right to a basic education. However, with the cost of living continuing to rise, and many families struggling to meet even the simplest daily needs, such as putting food on the table, not everyone can afford to pay school fees. Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood looks at when you qualify for free government schooling.